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Barb Goshorn RN, MSACN

Rochester's Weight Loss Specialist 

For many people, the idea of healthy eating refers to a lifestyle that requires a lot of sacrifice. However, as Rochester's weight loss specialist, I consider it my responsibility to turn that notion completely around.

Hi, I’m Barb Goshorn, BSRN MSACN, the only “Nurse” nutritionist Webster, New York has to offer. With a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition and more than 33 years of clinical experience, I can offer a wealth of information, resources and, most importantly, one-on-one support to help you to reach your weight loss and healthy eating goals. In my way of guiding you to nutritional health, healthy eating does not require a ton of deprivation or sacrifice.

What is the “Barb” Difference?

Credentials and experience are one thing, but that’s not what sets me apart as a nutritionist and counselor. My training didn’t stop when I finished school and started counseling clients about building healthy eating habits. To this day, I continue to educate myself by frequently attending conferences on weight loss, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, GI health, and dementia. Additionally, I have an expert knowledge of the food industry and, as a clinician, I have first-hand experience with understanding the impact of disease processes on the body and the medications that promote weight gain.

Other important factors that make me uniquely qualified to educate my patients on the challenges of choosing healthy foods include:

-An understanding that weight is regulated predominantly by hormones and being a postmenopausal woman, I recognize the unique challenges to patients in that age group.

-Having Goshorn Wellness Center at my disposal, I am able to offer additional supportive modalities, treatments and care.

-I offer a full line of the finest quality nutraceuticals...which can be ordered directly from my online store!

What Can I Expect From a Visit to Rochester's Weight Loss Specialist?

Whether you’re simply looking to lose weight, maintain a healthy way of eating or to completely transform your nutritional health, I can offer customized resources and attention to suit your specific needs. We start with a state of the art body composition monitoring system that gives us an accurate picture of where you are on a physical and nutritional level. This system serves as a map to assure appropriate and healthy weight loss and also guides my recommendations on your most beneficial and proper nutrition.

The bottom line is that the care you receive with me is based on your individual needs depending on your age, sex, medications and disease processes. The personalized (and fun!) approach is what helps me to help you reach success in your weight loss and nutritional goals, even if you’ve struggled in the past.

It is my sincere pleasure to share my knowledge with you!

Ready to lose weight and make healthy eating a lifestyle, instead of a chore? 

Barb Goshorn RN MSACN
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  • "My Experience with Goshorn Wellness Center has been outstanding! I worked with Barb Goshorn and followed her advice for the Shape ReClaimed program. Not only did I lose weight, but I reduced my medications and my arthritis pain is minimal. I feel great!!"
    - G.P.
  • "HI! I'm writing on behalf of my husband Bob who I "dragged" to see Barb on the referral of a friend at work. My husband has been overweight for years with no continued success on diets. He started the shape reclaim program and has lost almost 100 pounds in 8 months - AMAZING!!!! He looks and feels so much better! He is currently off ALL medications! And the best part - he doesn't snore anymore! With Barb's help we learned how to grocery shop and read labels, how to cook and eat healthy. Barb is so enthusiastic and supportive. The entire office is very friendly and professional. Meet Barb and change your life!"
    - Dawn L.
  • "I can’t thank Barb enough for all her assistance in helping me achieve my goal weight!

    I never thought I would get back down to the 120”s! I had tried everything that was out there. I had a drawer full of useless weight loss products that probably sis me more harm that good, not to mention I spent a lot of money on them, all of which was a total waste!

    Not only is Barb a delight to talk to, I have learned so much from her as to how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. Even my husband lost 20 pounds just by following my new found healthy eating habits!

    Thank you Barb!!"
    - Susan N.