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Posted on 10-12-2015

Eating Healthy While on the Road is Doable

It can be challenging to eat well while traveling. Routines are broken, food choices are often limited, and sitting in a car or plane lends itself to mindless eating. But all is not lost; there are healthy options if you know where to look.

The best way to ensure that your meals are healthy is to prep them yourself.  Pack up meals and snacks in a small insulated cooler if traveling by plane or car. When deciding what to bring balance meals and snacks with a combination of fiber and protein. This powerful duo helps `slow digestion and thus helps to keep you feel full longer.  Try mixing and matching the following easily portable foods.


Nuts and seeds

Single pouch nut butters

Lean meat jerky

Cheese sticks

Single servings of hummus

Single servings of Greek yogurt single servings of tuna fish

Pair the protein with fiber-rich food:

Fruits and vegetables

Whole grain or rice crackers

Raisons or other dried fruit

Single servings of oatmeal

Make sure you hydrate with plenty of water to combat dehydration while also trying to avoid the sugary drinks and sodas.

If you stop at a rest stop, look for healthy salads with the dressing on the side. Try to find fresh fruit such as apples, oranges, and bananas. Look for healthier sandwiches with lots of vegetables, and grilled chicken or turkey instead of breaded or fried. Avoid the bagged snacks including chips, pretzels, and cookies

Although packing up foods for a trip is time consuming, the rewards on your energy and health make the extra effort well worth the trouble!

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