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Posted on 11-10-2016


Prepare a pre-party snack so you don’t arrive hungry. Foods to eat include protein, veggies and soup. If you are on the Shape program take your drops before leaving for the party.

If there are two size plates, use the smaller plate.

Check out the buffet table prior to loading up your plate. There are usually many healthy choices among the less healthy choices.

Don’t stack your plate. Allow the plate to show in between the foods.

Remember you don’t have to finish everything on your plate.

If you really can’t resist pick one dessert (your favorite) and keep your serving size small (after three bites you are usually not tasting what you are eating- it’s more from habit).

Never drink your calories. Eggnog can have between 200-500 calories. Have wine or a wine spritzer, vodka or whiskey if you choose to drink.

Healthy choices at a party often include: raw vegetables (skip the dip), shrimp (with cocktail sauce), hummus, fruit, nuts (not handfuls) and cheese (in moderation) for those on the shape program.


Eat prior to shopping so your blood sugar doesn’t drop.

Prepare a snack prior to shopping and keep it handy. This may include protein, apples, veggies or a paleo bar.

If you need to eat while shopping choose: a salad or vegetables, a slice of thin crust pizza split with a friend, hot soup with clear broth (not cream based and skip the bread it’s served with), hot tea or coffee.

Exercise and sleep are even more important during the holiday season

Take a brisk walk at lunch, take the stairs instead of an escalator, and park as far from the entrance as possible. These small bursts of exercise often add up to the 30 minutes of moderate exercise everyone should be getting daily. Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

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