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Zucchini LasagnaImage result for zucchini

Meat Sauce:

1¼ lbs ground turkey or beef

2 T Pampered Chef Bell Pepper Rub

1 T Pampered Chef Cracked Black Peppercorn & Garlic Rub

1 Cup Sliced Baby Portabella Mushrooms

¼ Cup Chicken Stock

24 oz Red Sauce

Salt & Pepper to taste

Lasagna Slices:

Fresh Zucchini


2 Cups low fat cottage cheese

1 egg


For the meat sauce:

Over medium heat, brown and crumble ground turkey in skillet. Sprinkle seasonings and stir in sliced mushrooms. Add chicken stock and cook until mushrooms are tender. Most if not all of the stock will probably be absorbed into the turkey. Reduce heat to low and stir in your red sauce. Cover and let simmer on low while you prepare the rest.

Zucchini Slices:

Fresh Zucchini sliced ¼” thick. Sliced in long slices. Set aside.


Puree Cottage cheese in blended, then add egg and puree more. Set aside.


Layer of zucchini lasagna. Layer of meat sauce. Layer of cheese sauce.


Bake at 375 for 30 minute; then turn up heat to 425 and bake until cheese and sauce is bubbly. Remove from heat and let stand for 15 minutes before trying to cut & serve.