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The Nurse Nutritionist

During my teen years, I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I was overweight and unhappy and used food to soothe my emotions. Eating simple carbohydrates like donuts, cookies, and bread would make me feel better for a short time but then my emotions would plummet and I would have to eat more carbohydrates to feel better again. When I ate healthy food, I felt more energetic, my emotions stabilized, and I didn’t binge eat. It was a profound moment when I realized that real food and my emotions were inherently linked.

In 1980, I was a college freshman and my goal was a degree in nutrition. When I met with career counseling, I was told that “I would never get a job as a nutritionist”, and should be a nurse instead. Employment in nursing was guaranteed and a nurse was, “kinda, sorta like a nutritionist.”

I did become a nurse and later studied graduate nursing, but never stopped thinking about nutrition. Finally, at the age of 47, I went back to school and received my master’s degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition. It took 30 years and a lot of detours along the way, but I finally became “The Nurse Nutritionist,” I always dreamt of becoming.

Today more than ever, good nutrition is the foundation for good health. The staggering epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer all have at their core a nutritional imbalance. Misinformation and contradictions compound the problems. I can show you that eating well improves your health emotionally and physically. My goal is for you to thrive and not just survive!

Barb Goshorn RN MSACN
Webster | Goshorn Wellness Center / The Nurse Nutritionist |  (585) 671-0934